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Maintenance Services

We have you covered for a survey or bottom job, offload and launch, or assistance with crane and forklift.

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Haul for Survey

Thinking of buying a new boat and need a place to survey it? Our on-site Travelift can haul it out for you and/or your surveyors inspection.

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Bottom Jobs/Bottom Paint

Standard bottom jobs are done with Interlux Ultra Bottom Paint. We have other paint types for an additional charge. Standard bottom job lasts around 2-3 years, and a diver should still attend to the bottom of the boat, if it is kept in a slip.

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Crane & Forklift

Driscoll offers crane and forklift services for rental by the hour. Our Boatyard will use the forklift and/or crane to assist you with an offload, or any other work which you wish to have done.

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Offload & Launch

Whether you have hired a boat transport service, or you bring your boat on your own trailer, our boatyard/boat repair can assist you with the offload.

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Haul & Load

Driscoll Mission Bay boatyard is a great spot to haul and load vessels, as it is easily accessible for large transport trucks to back up into the yard.
Trucker desired location.

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Gear Storage

Wharf: We offer freezer storage for your catch, and dry storage for all of your gear.
Mission Bay & Intrepid: We offer dry storage for all of your gear.

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